Foundation Restoration is committed to providing comprehensive resources for individuals and couples everywhere to help their relationships thrive! We provide an array of services to do just that.

  • Website – Use our website to access articles all tailored toward different aspects of individual and relational issues. From single to dating, engaged to married, thriving or barely surviving, our articles are sure to provide you with the insight and information you need to get or stay on track. Also on our website, you will find links, book recommendations, information, and other resources that we suggest or provide.
  • Little Wifey – This is where it all started. Now a part of our non-profit, Little Wifey is a blog that provides light-hearted and practical information, stories, tips, and tricks to enliven your relationship.
  • Speaking Engagments/Events – We offer the opportunity for you to book our C.E.O., Ashley McIlwain, M.A., to come and speak at your next event, meeting, or gathering. Bringing practical tips, information, and resources to your door step, these speaking engagements and events are sure to provide hands-on nurturing and guidance for people everywhere.
  • Therapy/Professional Services – Through the integration of Biblical principles and therapy, we aim to provide individuals, couples, and families with the face-to-face professional services that are helpful and needed. Whether it’s premarital, marital, or individual therapy, we want to be able to provide a sanctuary for people to get the help and guidance needed.
  • Other Resources – Check out some widgets, recommendations, and other suggestions we have for you.