One of the biggest challenges of ministry is the need to ask for money … the need to raise funds to continue to minister.  To be very candid and honest with you, that is my least favorite part about running Foundation Restoration.  I cringe at the thought of asking, let along begging at times, for money. It’s uncomfortable and awkward for me, and it’s something I’ve gone to the Lord with many, many times asking Him to miraculously drop financial provisions from the sky for us.

Yet, I know that’s not the answer. Yes, He miraculously provides, but He doesn’t want it to be a solo act. He invites us into His miracles. That’s a truth I’ve come to realize and appreciate about Him.

It’s not that God can’t provide for us on His own. It’s not even that He needs us so much as He wants us. He knows that the blessings we receive are that much greater and more appreciated by us when we engage with Him. When we ask, seek Him, pray, and have the faith to believe that He will come through for us. Like a loving parent, He wants us to reach out to Him so that He can teach, guide, and embrace us on the journey. Otherwise we’d all be a bunch of spoiled kids who don’t appreciate anything, right?

Another truth God has revealed to me is that I need to clear something up with you. I’m not asking you for money because I want it personally. It’s not so that I can squander it or really have any personal gain from it. Trust me, that is not the motivation, nor it is the reality. Rather, I am inviting you all to join me in what God is doing in marriages everywhere. I’m not placing a burden on you but rather offering you an opportunity to be a part of something so vital to the kingdom of God! It has nothing to do with me and has everything to do with Him! I am recruiting you into the army of God, and knowing that emboldens me to courageously ask you to, “Join us!?”

The other day I was speaking with a lady who also runs a non-profit organization, and it too is in a controversial, hot-button need area. I asked her, “How do you motivate people to support your organization financially when so many people want to ‘avoid the conflict’ of being involved?” She said, “I have become ruthless with Christians. The world will hop on board with feeding homeless, rescuing animals, and ending female sex slavery, so we need to allow them to do that. As Christians, we need to back the ministries and organizations serving needs that the world won’t support – marriage and saving the lives of unborn children. So, I go after Christians and tell them that this should matter and be important to them, and if they don’t help us, no one else will.”

Wow! How true that is! Marriage is an area that people avoid discussing or taking a position on because it may stir up some conflict. The reality of what we’re doing at Foundation Restoration is we are helping marriages! We are trying desperately to provide resources to individuals and couples everywhere to let them know that they matter and their marriage matters! We’re fighting for those marriages that are struggling.  We’re nurturing those marriages that are thriving. We’re preparing those marriages that have yet to begin or are just starting out. We’re on the front lines trying to restore the very foundation of our society – marriages!

But we cannot do it alone! We absolutely and completely need YOUR help!!!

This year alone we’ve:

  • Served over 110, 000 visitors to our website in 156 countries.
  • Directly corresponded with over 500 people in need of advice or prayer, and mailed resources to many of them.
  • Educated and interacted directly with groups through speaking engagements.
  • Encouraged and connected with thousands of people daily through our social media.

These are just a few of the things we are doing to serve the needs that exists for marriages. We would love to host community events, create publications to distribute, produce inspiring videos, and provide professional mental health services, but we literally cannot do that because we do not have the financial means to do so. On average, our non-profit is operating on less than $28,000 annually!!!

If we want to truly make the difference and impact on marriages that we believe God has called us to, we desperately need the financial backing and support of YOU! We need an army of soldiers who say, “I believe in marriage! I believe in the importance of marriage! I want to fight alongside of Foundation Restoration!” The reality is that marriage, the condition of it whether it be our own or someone’s around us, affects and impacts all of us!

Many of us think, “Someone else will do it.” The truth is that that’s a lie. We need YOU!  Whether it’s a one-time donation now, or if you’re able, a commitment to becoming  a consistent, monthly donor, we need YOU!!! So the question is: Will YOU accept God’s invitation to be a part of what He’s doing to fight for and preserve marriages through Foundation Restoration?

Prayerfully and with gratitude,

Ashley McIlwain

If you answered, “YES!” to our invitation, here are a few ways to proceed:

  1. DONATE! You can give by credit card through PayPal either as a one-time or monthly donor online at Or you can mail a check payable to Foundation Restoration, PO Box 80082, Raleigh, NC 27623
  2. INVITE OTHERS! Whether it’s by word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, or email, tell your friends, family, co-workers, and church about our ministry and what we’re doing! Invite them to check out our website, connect with us through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube), and to donate!
  3. SHARE our Make a Difference campaign! Post the picture on your Facebook page, tweet about it, email everyone you know, print it off and post it at your office or church. Tell people why you support our ministry, and why you are inviting them to as well.
  4. GIVE a gift that keeps on giving. This year, instead of giving a gift that might get tossed or put on a shelf to collect dust, make a donation in someone’s name! We have beautiful gift “cards” that we can mail to you to give to the recipient, or we can mail it directly. Simply make your donation via check or PayPal, and include a note (or email us) letting us know whose name you are making the donation in, and the address you’d like us to send the gift “card” to.