21 April 2014

Hubs Corner: Lean on Me

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By Steve McIlwain
Hubs here.
Life is busy. That never seems to change. But recently life has been particularly busy. I started a new job about a year ago, and while I’m settling in nicely, there are still plenty of things to learn. I also work part time for Foundation Restoration doing …

11 April 2014

Table For Two: Easter Brunch

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By Carol McIlwain
Spring is here, so they say.  The good news is that Easter is just around the corner!   Sunday Brunch and Easter are a perfect blend, and so is this versatile, tasty, easy egg dish to help you celebrate the day.  This is one of my go-to recipes. Some …

7 April 2014

Family Footprints: ATTITUDE

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By Ricinda Perry
In closely observing people who have had success, including my recently turned-four year old (she can out-negotiate her parents any day and twice on Sunday … and we are both attorneys), I have seen a close correlation between one’s attitude and their level of success.
As an attorney, we …

27 March 2014

Your Spouse Will Hurt You

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By Ashley McIlwain
If there is one thing I can guarantee you about your marriage, it is that your spouse will hurt you.
You read that right. Your spouse will inevitably hurt, disappoint, frustrate, and anger you at some point in time during the course of your marriage. The reverse is true …

20 March 2014

The Ultimate Accountability

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By Ashley McIlwain
What happens when your spouse disappoints you? What if you’re not happy in your marriage, and you’re convinced there are greener pastures awaiting you? What if what you thought you signed up for with your spouse and marriage doesn’t exactly align with reality? What if your spouse doesn’t …

12 March 2014

Spiritual Q-Tips

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By Dr. Jeff Klick
Most of us struggle with our past. We have failed, sinned, and generally messed up somehow someway. While this struggle is tough enough for our own minds to deal with, it is compounded when we marry. “The two shall become one,” is a Biblical truth. Our reality …

10 March 2014

Table For Two: Super Easy Baked Italian Hoagies

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By Ashley McIlwain
When it comes to cooking meals, I love easy and quick recipes with a handful of ingredients. Whereas my husband loves making layered, complicated, gourmet meals, I am a girl of simplicity. Less is more in my book (Although I sure do enjoy the fruit of his labor!). …

6 March 2014

The Most Amazing Opportunity in Marriage

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By Ashley McIlwain
It had been one of those weeks. One thing after another, and yet nothing major. Just small dings, bumps, and bruises that began to add up and weigh on me. As the week went on, I felt like a 2 liter of soda being shaken harder and harder …

26 February 2014

Why Fairytales are Worth Pursuing

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By Ashley McIlwain
Like most ladies out there, I grew up on fairytales. Those feel-good Disney movies filled with princesses, princes, singing, castles, “true” love, and happy endings. My sisters and I would dance across the living room twirling, singing, and acting out all of our favorite parts. All the while, …

24 February 2014

Hubs Corner: Beyond Belief

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By Steve McIlwain
Hubs here.
It was 1990.  The sun was setting on 80’s glam rock: Twisted Sister, Poison, Cinderella, and Motley Crue had reached their apex and were fading into the rear view mirror.  Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Guns N Roses reigned supreme.  Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and …

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