1 October 2015

4 Parenting Rules for Your Marriage

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By Ashley McIlwain
If you’ve ever been in a room with parents and their children, there will likely emerge some parenting themes. They are those lessons that parents are constantly trying to instill in the impressionable minds of their little people. In an attempt to mold their children into productive human …

3 June 2015

The Heartbeat of Society

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By Ashley McIlwain
Does marriage matter? Is it still relevant? Is it important anymore? Is there any point to getting married or staying married for that matter?
A lot of people are asking these questions. Maybe even you are asking these questions. With so many marriages falling by the wayside, people are …

2 June 2015

A Look at Love

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By Ashley McIlwain
I love you.
Those are perhaps three of the most powerful words we can ever speak to someone, and they are perhaps three of the most powerful words that can ever be spoken to us.
We all long to be loved. We were created to be in relationship and experience …

29 May 2015

Table For Two: Crunchy Ramen Salad with Mango Asian Honey Vinaigrette

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By Loryn Purvis
Summer is coming!! The days are getting longer and the air a bit warmer. Of course, many would argue that Southern California is the land of endless summer, but there’s still a definite “beach season” in my opinion. Even though temperatures rarely dip below 70 degrees, I managed …

28 May 2015

Opening Our Door

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By Ashley McIlwain
There are certain moments in life you know are special. Moments when you close your eyes tightly in an attempt to snap a mental picture that will forever capture every last detail of your surroundings. They are moments that you never want to forget.
Recently I had one of …

27 May 2015

A Dream Come True

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By Ashley McIlwain
Seven years.
That’s right, seven years. It was seven years ago that I had a dream. Well, it was more of an inkling of a dream. At the time it was barely a formulated thought let alone a plan, but it was still the start of a dream. Though …

4 May 2015

Table For Two: Strawberry Ice Cream

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(by Ashley McIlwain)

If you’ve been around long, you know about our Table For Two feature. We share recipes for you to try out and enjoy with your spouse and family because nothing brings people together like good food! In some ways with our busy lives buzzing, we have lost the …

25 March 2015

Are You Listening?

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By Ashley McIlwain
Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? Mark 8:18
“You hurt me so badly! I am devastated!” says the wife.
“Well, you hurt me too, and you don’t know what I’m up against at work,” replies the husband.
“You don’t care at all about …

16 January 2015

What Every Marriage Needs

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By Ashley McIlwain
Whether you have been married for one day or for a century, there is one universal truth. You will always and forever have to continue to work at your marriage.
Often times we assume that there is a point and time in the life of a marriage where you …

30 December 2014

Tis the Season … for Making a Difference

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More than ever I am acutely aware of the importance of marriage. Daily I see the impact of failing marriages with my clients. It’s the wife who is struggling with depression and anxiety because she desperately wants to feel loved by her husband. It’s the husband who is battling sexual …

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